58 base gourmet pizzasA sense of frustration spurred us on to establish our specialist wholesale gourmet pizza making company, 58Base Ltd. Why? Because we couldn’t buy locally the sort of pizza we’d always loved eating – a pizza base that was free from additives and preservatives, a base that had flavour, substance and texture.

With our home kitchens a right mess, we converted an unused storage shed behind Katrina’s Pauatahanui homestead north of Wellington and bordered by State Highway 58, into a fully certified boutique bakery. From these humble beginnings  seven years ago we have now grown and we supply our products to gourmet and speciality food stores throughout New Zealand.

Our 58 Base pizza bases and sauces are now found in gourmet and speciality food stores nationwide. We have not deviated from our roots and core values of quality, simplicity and flavour. We continue to handcraft our product in small batches utilising only the purest of ingredients adopting the principles of the slow food movement.

A healthy tasty pizza takes time to create — and we honour that in our techniques and traditional recipes.

At 58 Base, each and every pizza base is hand cut and stretched in the traditional Sicilian way – using extra-virgin olive oil rather than flour to keep the dough moist. Each pizza base is triple-risen and hand stretched to increase the flavour and soften the gluten. The flavour of the base is defined by the quality and simplicity of the ingredients and the long cool fermentation process.58 base gourmet pizzas

We par-bake the pizza bases in a stone-soled oven in small batches to give that crisp, light flavour that cooking on stone imparts.To accompany our bases, we have also developed 58’s Perfect Pizza Sauce. This is a traditional tomato sauce made in small batches that has a rich, full flavour as we use only the best of ingredients. Renowned chef Al Brown has said “this is the best pizza sauce I have ever tasted”.
We hope you enjoy our lovely pizza and sauce.

Katrina Henderson, Gerry Dowse, and Kaz Baker-Cousins



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